Purdue IEEE

Purdue IEEE is devoted to technical achievements and social events. The Purdue chapter of the IEEE is split into several committees. Each committee is focused on a different goal, but all of them strive to further their technical achievements. In addition to the technical aspects, we are also a social organization. We hold events for our members to meet and greet each other and members of other organizations.

Aerial Robotics

Aerial Robotics creates a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to compete in AUVSI SUAS Competition. They are looking for members to design sturdier vehicles, repair faulty equipment, and pilot the next airplane.

Computer Society

The IEEE Computer Society. They recently reunited with Purdue IEEE. They hold education sessions, do small projects, and provide web services for many different organizations on campus. Their site is at csociety.org. Check there for updates!

Learning Committee

The Learning Commitee is made to help prospective and current members of the Purdue IEEE branch get experience they need to develop their project-oriented skills that are crucial in both their academic and professional careers. This involves many different events, projects, and different levels of outreach to help expand IEEE's collection of skilled members.


Racing builds an electric go-kart to compete in evGrandPrix at Purdue and at the Indy Motor Speedway. They are looking for members to redesign some systems, help get sponsors for new batteries, further improve safety features, and investigate more efficient motors.

Rocket Team

Our goal is to further space flight technology through designing, testing, and implementing systems to achieve orbit for small satellite platforms at an affordable price. This multi-disciplinary team is focused on utilizing Faculty and Industry resources to provide the first formal Purdue design, build, test rocket team.


ROV (Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle) designs and builds an ROV to compete in the MATE (Marine Advanced Technology Education) International ROV Competition each year. They are looking for members to model designs in 3D, restore old vehicles, and assemble next year's vehicle.


IEEE Day is October 6th!

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