Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society

Improving human living through innovation and technology.

Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) is an internationally recognized technical society under IEEE, servicing the largest community of biomedical engineers in the world. Founded in September 2015, Purdue IEEE EMBS consists of a group of dedicated students who share a common passion for transforming and revolutionizing the future of medicine and healthcare. The mission of Purdue IEEE EMBS is to focus on the development and application of engineering concepts and methods to provide new solutions to medical and healthcare problems. Its members apply concepts and methods of physical engineering and life sciences to issues in the rapidly expanding fields of medicine and biology.

This society exposes its members to the people, practices, information, and ideas necessary for success in biomedical, robotics, data science, and related careers. It regularly conducts social events, seminars, and tours through the assistance of faculty and industry supporters; befitting a technical society, Purdue IEEE EMBS members diligently contribute to research initiatives, build innovative projects, and organize technical workshops for the cultivation of shared knowledge. Purdue IEEE EMBS's long-term project objective is to build a full-body exoskeleton for those with muscular dystrophy. EMBS will also be starting a project for an interactive mechatronic flower that will symbolically represent the user's current mental health status.

Join our Discord to get involved! EMBS Discord: https://discord.gg/uA4we7h5Gk

Contact us at info-embs@purdueieee.org with questions.


Alec Lucas

Materials Engineering

EMBS Chair