Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society

Current Projects

Exoskeletal Elbow

Exoskeletal Elbow Joint

This is the first in a series of projects to develop wearable joints for those undergoing muscular dystrophy. This project is especially challenging since the user's intended motion must be accurately inferred from muscle potentials, and the intent must be translated into a strong yet smooth joint actuation. Several of the key principles of operation have been successfully demonstrated; however, we are looking for dedicated, insightful members to improve the reliability and scope of this project. This project is a an inter-Purdue IEEE society collaboration.

Mental Health Flower

Mental Health Awareness Flower

This is a mechatronic flower that will bloom and wilt to represent the user's mental health. This IOT project serves to introduce incoming members to the principles of engineering design. Note that this project is a collaboration with Harvard and may result in a publication.

Past Projects

Echolocation Device

Echolocation Device

We created a headset that can be used by the blind to perceive the distance to objects around them. This headset works by low-pass filtering distance reeadings from two ultrasonic sensors and converting these distances to short acoustic tones.


Electroencephalogram (EEG)

An EEG can be used to interpret the brain's neural activity at a low resolution for both clinical diagnostics and to develop assistive devices.

Dog Shelter

Dog Shelter

We partnered with Circle-K on volunteering in the local community, building biomedical instruments and devices to aid veterinarians and dogs alike.