IEEE Industrial Relations Committee

The Industrial Relations Committee is in charge of organizing and planning Purdue IEEE’s corporate outreach and professional development programs. Events run by the Industrial Relations Committee include company workshops, training sessions, and recruiting events. The Industrial Relations Committee is also responsible for general Purdue IEEE fundraising activities, as well as assisting technical committee fundraising (from first contact to sponsor follow-up).

Hosted by Purdue IEEE

In Partnership with BMES, IISE, Sigma Chi, Orbital, PESC, and Sigma Delta Pi

Find Your Job Role

Learn from industry leaders what it takes to be successful in their job roles in a variety of different industries. This session will help you orient yourself to be a successful candidate when applying for internship and full-time opportunities. Dress code is formal, there will be professioal headshots taken.

Industry Speaker Date Time Location Dress Code
Digital Security - DocuSign Marc Carlson 2/13/18 6-7PM ARMS B061 Business Casual (bring resume)
Biotechnology - Zoll Martha Drake 2/19/18 6-7PM ARMS 1010 Business Casual (bring resume)
Consumer Products - Kimberly Clark Neal Michal 2/20/18 6-7PM WALC 1032 Business Casual (bring resume)
Academic Technology - Purdue Mitch Daniels 3/19/18 6-7PM WALC 1055 Business Casual (bring resume)
Energy Industry - GE Tony Denhart 3/26/18 6-7PM ARMS 1010 Business Casual (bring resume)
Energy Consulting - Deloitte Ajay Madwesh 4/09/18 6-7PM ARMS 1010 Business Casual (bring resume)

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