IEEE Code Cafe

Saturday, March 31st, 2018


1 - 6 PM

Code Cafe Mentorship

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What is Code Cafe?

Code Cafe is an open learning event made to help you get started with learning how to code. At this event, we want you to be as relaxed as possible. There will be free beverages (it is a cafe after all), and refreshments.

How is Code Cafe structured?

During the five hours of Code Cafe, you will be divided in groups first, based on your current programming level and the skills you want to learn.

The concepts will range from variables, loops, and conditionals to scientific computing techniques, Python APIs, and other advanced Python tools, techniques, and libraries.

Code Cafe Mentorship

Code Cafe Mentorship

What to bring?

Please bring a laptop, charger and the curiosity to be the Picasso of the art of programming.

How can I start?

Click on the sign up link on the top right to RSVP, or click here.

However, if you want to be a mentor (accepted mentors get a free T-shirt), fill out this application.

I have more questions

Feel free to shoot us an email at


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