Purdue Aerial Robotics Team IEEE (PARTIEEE), founded in 1996, consists of four teams: AeroMechanical, Electrical, Software, and Writing. The AeroMechanical team designs and manufactures a custom, stable fixed wing aircraft based on mathematical models. The Electrical team develops custom hardware for the plane, such as power supply boards, sensor boards, and flight controllers. The Software team writes autopilot and image processing algorithms that will guide the system through waypoints and targets. The Writing team works on the technical journal paper, documentation, and presentation displays. The contributions from each team are blended into an unmanned aerial system (UAS) and evaluated at the AUVSI SUAS Competition at Webster Field, Maryland during the summer. For more information contact Ellie Topi


Ellie Topi


Anthony Goeckner

Vice Captain

Erik VanderWerf

Vice Captain

Mark Benati

Software Lead

Patrick May

Electrical Lead

Landon Glunt

AeroMechanical Lead

George Xu

AeroMechanical Technical Head

Robert McIntyre

AeroMechanical Manufacturing Head

Milan Bidare

Sponsorship Lead

Project Updates