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Software Saturdays

Sponsored by the Purdue College of Engineering

Teaching modern software tools to the modern Purdue engineer.

Purdue IEEE is partnering with the Purdue College of Engineering to offer Software Saturdays, a FREE course available to all Purdue students!

Software Saturdays introduces software development and programming frameworks to our attendees through a project-based learning experience. We introduce concepts and projects that are useful regardless of major: in the 21st century, having basic programming knowledge is vital no matter your hobbies or jobs you pursue.

Sponsored by the Purdue College of Engineering, we are able to offer an official Purdue College of Engineering certification for everyone who attends!

This semester, we are teaching Web Application Development through React.js, an ever-popular JavaScript framework. Even if you have no prior experience with React or web dev, our program will start from the basics - including HTML and CSS.

The program consists of 7 weekly 2 hour learning sessions on Saturday (hence our name!) with weekly review and help hours. All this leads in our final project, a fully-featured Pokedex app using public APIs. This project is great on a resume or portfolio and will spark interest from recruiters and hiring managers!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I am not in the College of Engineering, can I still join?
    Of course, any Purdue student can join, regardless of major, college, or class standing!
  • How much time does this program require?
    Aside from the two hour weekly learning session, most people spend only 1-2 hours reviewing material.
  • How much prior experience do I need?
    Absolutely none. We teach you what you have to know! If you are familiar with web development, we do offer an intermediate track that may be more your style.
  • What is this certificate you mentioned?
    Any attendee who completes our final project will recieve a digital certificate from the College of Engineering, with a QR code to verify your achievement.


Hadi Ahmed

Software Saturdays Chair