Software Saturdays

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Learning Sessions will be on WebEx from 3:30pm-5:30pm, every Saturday!

WebEx Link, Session Id: 172 756 6945, Password: VKjmMJyT575

Please see the Calendar tab above for more details on sessions, review hours, and project days

Software Saturdays aims to introduce progamming frameworks and software development, and give the attendees a rounded project-based learning experience.

The plan is to introduce projects and concepts that are useful in the world of Software Development. Regardless of what major our Attendees are pursuing, we aim to teach skills that will be useful no matter what job or hobbies they pursue in their future.

This semester we're teaching a Web Application Development curriculum, showing the basics of React.js and healthy application design practices, both in a functional application and project based curriculum building a PokeDex style Web App.

The track will be comprised of weekly Saturday sessions around 2 hours long with refreshments included, as well as review hours that attendees can attend to work during or for help.

For further questions, feel free to email for more information.

Join us on Slack as well at (requires a Purdue email address).


Hadi Ahmed