Joseph Michael "Michael" Navarra

Week of March 6

Joseph Navarra is the ROV Tools Lead. Joe is a Junior in Mechanical Engineering from the Dayton, Ohio area, and he's been with ROV for 2 years. Currently, he leads the Tools Team in the development of mission-necessary manipulators and other extravehicular devices. He also serves as a mentor for younger members, helping to acclimate the team to good engineering design practices, and practical applications of those designs. Thanks for your hard work Joe!

Committee Involvement: ROV

George Luo

Week of February 28

Jiayu Luo, also known as George, is the vice chair of MTT-S. He is a junior in Robotics and Mechatronics. He comes from a city in the southwestern mountains of China, the Spring City of Kunming. His dedication to MTT-S has made him a standout role model for all of us. Thanks for your hard work George!

Committee Involvement: MTT-S

Tyler Stagge

Week of February 17

Tyler Stagge is ROV Co-mechanical Lead. He is from Ohio and is in his last semester studying mechanical engineering at Purdue. Tyler has done 4 co-op rotations with Detroit Diesel. Tyler has brought lots of innovations to the ROV team like custom thruster ducts, and has mentored members on CAD skills, CAM for making their designs, and the actual machining of their parts. He plans to continue his education with a master's degree at Purdue University next year. Tyler has been heavily involved with the recent rennovations in the IEEE workspace. Thanks for your hard work Tyler!

Committee Involvement: ROV

Daniel Chen

Week of February 3

Daniel wrote the best code for the Computer Society machine learning/AI pong competition. His pong algorithm beat human players and clearly stood out from the others. Thanks for your hard work Daniel!

Committee Involvement: Computer Society

David Ho

Week of January 27

David is a sophomore from Fishers, Indiana studying material science engineering with minors in German and global engineering. His is in his second year on the ROV team. He lead the workspace management for all of IEEE. For ROV, he has designed and manufactured the mounts for the cameras, inductive charger puck, the main tether, and the micro-ROV tether. Outside ROV, he is a part of the Titus research investigating directional investment casting, Purdue admissions ambassadors, and navigators. Thanks David!

Committee Involvement: ROV

Cynthia Zatlokowicz

Week of January 13

Cynthia was very instrumental in organizing the information for the EAGLE workshops. Without her expertise and assistance, these workshops would not have been as effective. Thanks Cynthia!

Committee Involvement: ROV, Learning