What is IEEE?

IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization, dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. IEEE publishes nearly one third of technical papers and research all across the realm of electronics.

IEEE actively develops thousands of industry standards, including some you use everyday ("Wi-Fi" is actually IEEE standard 802.11!). Internationally, IEEE represents the absolute forefront in electrical engineering, computer science, and anything in-between.

IEEE at Purdue

The Purdue IEEE Student Branch actually pre-dates the international IEEE! We were founded as a student chapter of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) in 1903. When the AIEE merged with other organizations in 1963 to create the IEEE, we were reborn as Purdue IEEE.

Ever since that, we have been committeed to exploring technology and introducing Purdue students to opportunities to apply their knowledge in practical applications.

Our Technical Committees

Our technical committees are focused on creating cutting-edge solutions to complex problems, from artificial intelligence to autonomous robotics.

Computer Society

The IEEE Computer Society focuses on projects and other events to explore the world of modern Computing. Members will gain valuable skills through both hardware and software projects to help them succeed in any field while meeting other passionate Purdue students to learn with.

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EMBS endeavors to use our knowledge in everything from Computer Science to Mechanical engineering in order to solve current problems in the medical field. EMBS can provide wonderful opportunities to advance your abilities, make new friends, and make lives a little better along the way.

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MTT-S's mission is to explore microwave technology through events that highlight the background and applications of high-frequency technology. Through seminars and demonstrations, the members of MTT-S support Purdue University’s groundbreaking research in radio frequency and microwave engineering.

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Aerial Robotics

The Purdue Aerial Robotics Team (PART) is composed of 50+ undergraduate students in 3 sub-teams: Aeromechanical, Electrical, and Software. We provide a small-team environment allowing you to work hands-on to develop an unmanned aircraft for the annual AUVSI-SUAS international student competition.

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Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle (ROV) designs and constructs an ROV to compete in the MATE ROV Competition each year. They are looking for members to model and machine, design and populate circuit boards, develop the control software and computer vision algorithms.

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Go to our page to learn more!

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More information coming soon! Check back here, connect with us on Slack, and subscribe to our email list to stay up-to-date.

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Software Saturdays

Software Saturdays is committed to teaching Purdue students modern and industry-focused topics. Anyone can attend and all attendees can earn an official Purdue College of Engineering certification. Software Saturdays is currently teaching Web Development, with everyone completing a final project!

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Our Cornerstone Committees

Our cornerstone committees are focused on providing professional development opportunities like alumni panels, professor talks, social events, and company nights.

Growth and Engagement

Growth and Engagement is a cornerstone committee which focuses on the growth of IEEE through organizing recruitment efforts, and engagement of the local community through outreach efforts. G&E is a great opportunity if you're looking for an opportunity to get more involved in IEEE as a whole, and gain important management and leadership skills.

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Meet members across IEEE by going to casual events! Since its establishment back in 2016, the Social Committee has been putting on virtual and in-person events on campus for the IEEE student body. We're frequently involved with alumni events and collaborations with other student organizations!

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IEEE Learning aims to teach students valuable skills to use in their careers that are often bypassed in Purdue's curriculum. Many workshops are held throughout the year, and some past examples are Code Cafe (Python), Arduino, soldering, Git, EAGLE, SOLIDWORKS, and many others!

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Distinguished history, brighter future.

Become a member today. Reach out to us at info@purdueieee.org or stop by BHEE014 with any questions.


Computer Society Supercomputer Tour (2019)
Computer Society Supercomputer Tour (2019)
IEEE General Meeting (1990)
IEEE General Meeting (1990)
Racing Competition (2016)
Racing Competition (2016)
IEEE Game Night (1995)
IEEE Game Night (1995)
Code Cafe (2016)
Code Cafe (2016)
Soldering Workshop (2014)
Soldering Workshop (2014)
PART Team Photo (1999)
Aerial Robotics Team Photo (1999)