IEEE Learning Workshops

Upcoming and In Progess Events:

3D Printing

3D printing refers to the process of creating 3-dimensional objects from layers of material.This will be organized as a showcase with an introduction to 3D printer filaments, how to use slicers, and how to purchase your first printer.


Soldering is joining of metals through melting one of them, or using a filler metal to join the metals together. Building a circuit board usually involves some form of soldering in order to join all supplemental components onto the board. This workshop will include the basics on how to correctly and safely solder boards in order to produce a functioning circuit. This is useful for those interested in electronics and in Senior Design.

EAGLE Training Session

This training session will cover the basics of EAGLE, an electrical board schematic and layout tool. The training session is split into three parts, that will teach how to create schematics, board layouts, and parts. No prior knowledge is required. Additional details below:

TODO: Before you come to this session, there are a few requirements.

  • Download EAGLE and the Sparkfun Libraries. Instructions on downloading and setup can be found on Sparkfun's website.
  • Suggested Reading: To get an overview of the topics we will cover at the first lesson, read Sparkfun's schematic tutorial

Things to bring:

  • Laptop with EAGLE installed, a mouse (recommended), charged battery (some outlets available)

SolidWorks Training Session

Learn the basics of 3D modeling with one of the most widely utilized software’s in industry, SolidWorks! This introductory series will cover basic parametric modeling with a focus on best practices so that you can create better, more robust models.

Git + GitHub

This session will cover the basics of using git and GitHub. Git is a version control software that makes saving your old code and reverting changes much easier. GitHub is a remote location to store your code and collaborate with other people through merging and code reviews. The session will cover only command line tools, so familiarity with the command line is helpful.


This training session will go over the basics of microcontrollers. It will go into the basics of writing code to work for Arduinos, what you can and can't do with an Arduino, and how to set up different hardware to connect devices to your Arduino. It is required that attendees have a competent understanding of reading and writing code (for example, students that take CS 159 or some equivalent)


This training session will provide a basic overview of CATIA, a CAD software often used in the automotive, aerospace, and other heavy industries. We will delve into the basics of the software, so that members can become familiar with the software and gain a greater understanding of CAD in general. No prior knowledge is necessary.