Racing Team

IEEE Racing builds an electric go-kart that competes in the Purdue evGrandPrixthat takes place annually at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We are looking for members to redesign electrical systems, get sponsors and build industry contacts, improve safety features, and most importantly, have a great time learning about electric vehicle technology.

Team meetings are once a week in the off-season and twice a week during race season. Meetings are broken into planning time where we discuss our project and budget and build sessions where members get hands-on with the go-kart.

All majors are welcome!! Contact Adrian White for more details.

2016-2017 Team Picture

2016 Team


Michael Hayashi

Adrian White

Electrical Engineering

Michael Anderson

Dakota Demaegd

Social Chair
Computer and Information Technology

Alan Han

Erick Figueroa

Technical Lead
Electrical Engineering Technology